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New Construction Inspections

Here for you and your new home every step of the way!


Pre-Move-In Inspections

Pre-move-in inspections play a vital role in purchase of a new home, serving as a final assessment before you take possession. These inspections are conducted to document the condition of the property and identify any damages or issues.  Common areas of scrutiny include the functionality of appliances, the condition of walls and flooring, plumbing fixtures, and overall cleanliness. Any discrepancies discovered during the pre-move-in inspection are documented in a report, which can be used to address concerns, negotiate repairs, or establish responsibility for damages. This process promotes a fair and transparent transition, providing peace of mind to both parties involved in the property transaction.

Thermal Camera Imaging

Included in ALL Pre-Move-In Inspections 

$50 value FREE

Thermal camera imaging used to detect water damage, missing insulation, water leaks and more
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